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Clicking to Capture

A little about me


Meet Annie McDannold, the talented photographer behind Clicking to Capture. Annie's passion for photography began at her mother's dog rescue, Camp Jean, where she discovered her love for capturing the beauty and essence of dogs. Annie holds a bachelors' degree in Finance from the University of Kentucky, but her true passion lies in working with and caring for dogs.

Annie has spent her life surrounded by dogs and has over three years of experience working as a veterinary assistant in a Lexington KY. She not only cares for dogs but also shows her own dogs, Lumi and Nero, in conformation and sports, giving her a unique perspective on dog events.

Annie specializes in capturing the excitement and energy of dog shows and sports events but is also skilled in a variety of photography styles. Her ability to capture the personality and spirit of each dog shines through in every photo she takes. With a keen eye for detail and a love for her craft, Annie creates stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Whether you're looking to capture the joy and beauty of your own furry friend or are in need of professional photography for a dog event, Clicking to Capture is the perfect choice. Trust Annie to capture your dog's unique personality and the unforgettable moments of your event.

Contact Clicking to Capture today to schedule your photography session.

Located in Holly Springs, NC.

My Dogs:


Kolinka's The 8th Wonder BCAT CGC TKP VHMA VSWB

4 Year Old Samoyed

Lumi is from Kolinka's kennel in Canada. She competes in conformation and loves earning new tities.

Clicking to Capture Photography-4.JPG

CH Lake Kathryn's Strolling Down Grace Lane THDN CGC TKA VHMA

3 Year Old Bernese Mountain Dog

Nero is from Lake Kathryn's kennel in Tennessee. He shows in conformation and is working towards sports titles. He is also an ATD certified therapy dog.


Clicking to Capture Photography-46.JPG



AKC CGC Evaluator

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